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Harmonious, melodic, tuneful vibrations of the age old divine sounds, which has contemplative stupendous effect on mind, body and surroundings in the nature. It is a meditation. Based on breathing exercise Pranayam(naad yoga) .Breathing which inhales and excels for longer gives more oxygen to the body.Alap is the soul of the Raga. It shows the caliber of the musician. His capacity of intellection, mind’s eye, how far he could think of the boundaries of the thought with creative combination of melodic notes set to the rhythem.It takes years of practice to get command on the scale to perform freely. Every days practice brings the different shades to the raga, fulfillment of intense happiness, ecstasy, exaltation, euphoria the total bliss.Experience of supreme sound the Naad Brahma. About me- Performing vocals for last many years around the globe. Taught music in USA for ten years including one of the prestigious universities(MUM) at Fairfield Iowa. Worked for the Radio in North America as producer and host(musicals).

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tribute to Kishoritai Amonkar.

Unbearable loss to the music world,very sad heart breaking news that Gaan Saraswati Kishoritai Amonkar is no more with us but her divine vibrations  of soulful music will be always around us. It reminds me the incident that when I was studying music in Goa Kala academy Kishori tai had come there for three weeks lecture demonstration,it was great time to spend in her presence and learn many minute things from her about music,that was great experience.Great soul,extraordinary  talented musician.May her soul rest in peace.
Vedang Dharashive.


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