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Harmonious, melodic, tuneful vibrations of the age old divine sounds, which has contemplative stupendous effect on mind, body and surroundings in the nature. It is a meditation. Based on breathing exercise Pranayam(naad yoga) .Breathing which inhales and excels for longer gives more oxygen to the body.Alap is the soul of the Raga. It shows the caliber of the musician. His capacity of intellection, mind’s eye, how far he could think of the boundaries of the thought with creative combination of melodic notes set to the rhythem.It takes years of practice to get command on the scale to perform freely. Every days practice brings the different shades to the raga, fulfillment of intense happiness, ecstasy, exaltation, euphoria the total bliss.Experience of supreme sound the Naad Brahma. About me- Performing vocals for last many years around the globe. Taught music in USA for ten years including one of the prestigious universities(MUM) at Fairfield Iowa. Worked for the Radio in North America as producer and host(musicals).

Friday, July 20, 2012

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Support the cause to propagate the ancient Vedic wisdom the Gandharva Sangeetam which is very precious gift to the world to all times to come.Please visit the link below.

American Yogi.

American yogi

It was appourtinuty to experience the inner silence the total bliss with the world community. Being an Indian never gave the thought to the age-old technique of meditation. May be the level of ignorance is quite high, that kept away many Indians from their own wisdom. The great ancient science still it is valid with its great acence in modern era.Offring the best of meditation technic,yoga,Ayurveda and Gandharva veda.Thanks to spiritual leaders of India for preserving and propagating the precious knowledge to the whole human race. I had a chance to join the Worldwide Transcendental meditation movement as part of my musical activity. Traveled to USA in 1995, that was first journey of spirituality through western eyes. However, there was big burden of curiosity about western world on back corner of mind. Landed on JFK international in the evening.Cordinater of the meditation movement drove to NewJercy.Stayed in Berkeley kart ret Hotel (five star} owned by the movement.One of the best spots just by the ocean, such a fulfilling view from the luxurious hotel room to look upon. Such a pleasant feeling to stay at hotel surrounded by meditater and spiritual people, it was very different world. The philosophy part was very new. Highly intellectual angle to look at. Such a great surprise to know that these Americans are so serious about this Indian ancient knowledge, Practicing for last 40years,and getting great result from that,enjoing the highest level of concesness.They understood the importance of the silence within, the secret of all creation.That Indian classical music is part of Vedic science, being a musician all the time my job was to perform music for the meditators, Churches, Temples, different universities, schools, radio and TV. Taught music in one of the universities (MUM) at Fairfield Iowa state for many years. Their way of listening to music as a Gandharva Veda and the philosophy behind the Vedic knowledge was very deep and pure. So far I had developed performance-oriented approach towards music but had opportunity to experience the real aspect of gandharva Veda, just being in this community. All credit goes to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, what a great contribution he gave to this Indian wisdom to share with world citizens.Milloins of people is enjoying around the globe. Thousands of Indian doctors (Ayurvedic), Pandit boys (to chant mantras), jotish pandits, classical musicians to teach and perform around the globe. Too many Indian people are traveling around the world.Mostely westerners are involved in the organizetation.Every one is working for the betterment of global society. To harmonize the differences between communities, to reduce the stress in the environment, to bring peace in the world.In spirituality, India is Guru of the whole world. No other nation has this kind of knowledge to offer. Meditation is scientifically proved technic.Every day if you practice for 15 minutes morning and evening. In this modern age, we do not have time to seat in Himalaya for 12 years stretch. But any way it is working just for 15 minutes and the results are so good, one can pull up to 100 years to live healthy life. After good practice of meditation for many years, awakening of one self within is possible, the self-realization.To experience the highest level of conciseness fully awake within, field of all possibilities.Then on wards, one could get mastery on every thing, whatever subject it may be. Clear mind with clear thought would fulfill all the demands in life that is for meditation is. It helps in all the way physically and mentally to successful life style and achieve the ultimate goal in life. This is Indian pure knowledge of yoga great gift of yogi to the human race eternally.

Vedang Dharashive.